The End of “Thought of the Day”

Today is my last day working as a Youth and Worship intern! July seemed to last a long time, but August has seriously flown by!

I’m so grateful that I was able to spend my summer working with my church family, and gaining ministry experience. Working at camp is incredible, and I’ve learned a lot there, but working as church staff is totally different. I’ve learned even more about what my gifts are and are not, and simply what I’m capable of. Looking ahead, I don’t know what sort of form my ministry will take, or what opportunities I’ll have, but I know that this experience will be valuable no matter what God leads me to.

I am also grateful for the push this job gave me into blogging. I’d never thought very much about putting my thoughts out there on the world wide web, but I’m hooked! I only expected a few church members and family to read it, but looking at the stats everyday is always surprising. In order to process my thoughts, I need to write or talk out loud with someone, and through this medium I get both in a way! My thoughts take a logical form, and my voice is heard.

That being said, university starts this coming week. (AAAAHHHHH!!!!!) My plan is to discontinue the daily thoughts, but post weekly in some way. I don’t want to force a thought if I don’t have the time to be quiet with God and be confident that He is trying to speak through me or reveal something to me. I want to be authentic in the things that I say.

So, this is the end of my “Though of the Day” category, but it will still be there for anyone who is interested in looking through them. I have several ideas for my Extraterrestrials pieces on the back-burner, so be looking for those! The Musings category will be a home to posts that don’t fit within that. Not all of those will necessarily be devotional thoughts, but a place for me to process life and things I am learning.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!



You cannot say you believe something and not have it change you.

When you truly believe something, it changes your perspective, which grows your convictions, which leads to actions.

Has your “belief” in Christ simply become words you say?

True Pursuit

I’ve realized that I use the term “pursuing God” a lot. When I say that, it’s not entirely accurate. God is not some distant being who I cannot connect with unless I initiate.

He has pursued me since the beginning of His big story! He knew that I would mess up, and ignore Him, and it would be impossible for us to have a relationship.

In His pursuit of me, He became a mere human, and died as the sacrifice for my sins, so that I could be forgiven, and reconciled to Him. He did the unimaginable just so it would be possible for me to know Him.

He pursued me to the ends of the Earth and so anything I do is not  “pursuing Him,” but instead responding to His love. I receive forgiveness, I reciprocate devotion, and I invite His presence into my life.

He has pursued us, and it is up to us to respond.
He has pursued us, and it is up to us to respond.

What I can pursue is a life that reflects and honours Him. In this pursuit, I am drawn closer to Him, and gain understanding of His heart for Creation.

Adventure is Out There!

God longs to draw you close to Himself, but that’s not safe. If you truly pursue God, there’s no promise of an earthly “happily ever after.” There is a promise of adventure though! God has big ideas and unlimited power, and He’s inviting you to jump off a cliff, out of your comfort zone and into intimacy with Him.

What’s holding you back?