CNS_9401I am Kayla, always learning.

I am a daughter, taught daily of the love of Christ.

I am the big sister, bossy and a thief of hugs.

I am a student, pursuing my calling through education.

I am a wife-to-be, praying I will figure out how to love like Jesus.

I am an extrovert, giving hugs and sharing my heart.

I am a list maker, organizing and remembering.

I am a woman, seeking to be dependent, independent, and interdependent.

I am a Christian, seeking to honour my  God in everything.

Make sure to check out my different categories. There is everything from devotional thoughts, thoughts on feminism, science, relationships, and anything else that gets put on my heart. Feel free to find the In the World Facebook page, and send me a message, or leave me a comment! 

Any photos are mine unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share my pieces, but please link everything back here.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Grant, I enjoyed your post on culture’s standards for guys, but didn’t have time to explore much further. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to share! I have a page for my blog if you’d like to check that out. There is a link widget underneath the recent posts and top posts on the right. I can receive messages, comments and posts on there.

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