My university profs are on strike right now. In a month were I was supposed to have 4 paper due dates, 4 midterms, two presentations and many quizzes, I now have no idea what’s going on! I’ve probably said it before, but just in case you’re new to the blog, I really don’t appreciate unknowns like this. I have no idea when I’ll have class next, or when my assignments will actually be due, and even though my profs were really reassuring beforehand, I find it stressful.

Wednesday evening, before the faculty had posted whether or not the picket lines would be up the next morning, Stephen and I were praying. Have you ever had a moment where you weren’t sure where your prayer was coming from, but all of a sudden you realized you’d just been taught something?

“Thank you, Jesus, for tomorrow. Whatever it looks like.”

I know faculty strikes will not be the scariest uncertainty in my life. As soon as I graduate Stephen and I will face a lot of uncertainty as we try to discern where God is going to take us. So, I think this is a prayer I need to start practicing.

Because, really, are there any tomorrows that aren’t somewhat uncertain? I love Christ, because He is constant. He is giving me tomorrow, whatever it looks like, and He promises to do it with me.

Here is Psalm 34. I love it because it is real. It says that the righteous will actually have troubles, but the whole passage speaks about praising and praying to the Lord in the midst of desperation. I know I can feel pretty desperate in the unknown, but God will redeem those who take refuge in Him.

So I’ll keep praying:

“Thank you, Jesus, for tomorrow. Whatever it looks like.”


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