We are the Church

We are the Church

It had been a while since I’ve had Not-Sunday Church, but I had Church at work the other night and oh gosh was it wonderful! Have you had Not-Sunday church lately?

It was because I made a new Jesus friend who reminded me of something crucial:

I am the Church.

YOU are the Church. 

Tomorrow is Community Sunday in our church home. It always makes me hungry, and not because we have wonderful potlucks afterwards. We set time aside each month to open up the mic and share. We share together in moments of celebration, times of mourning, and a whole lot of nerves! Our pastors give us the space to be vulnerable together, to experience Church, but it’s really hard sometimes. I get hungry, because I know the Spirit is trying to move in, to be active in the Body of Christ, but there always seems to be something standing in the way. I know, because it’s a wall I run into often.


“Again Kayla?” you ask, rolling your eyes.

Yes. Because fear is probably the greatest weapon against the Kingdom, and I wield it. I’m scared to let myself go in the Spirit. I don’t want to be that crazy spiritual girl. I’m scared to use words that may be mine and not the Lord’s.  I don’t want people to think that I’m trying too hard, or putting on a church face, because sometimes I’m scared that I am. I’m scared to welcome people, because hospitality is not my gift, and what if I just make things weird? So I put up a wall, and I let the Spirit hit it.

Sometimes I have moments of bravery, and I ask the Spirit to come past my wall. I let Him into my heart, into my mind, and I ask Him to work, to use me. In those moments, I free myself to act as I have been called to and I can act as is appropriate for my identity.

I am the Church.

YOU are the Church. 

It is very difficult to fulfill this on my own. I find this freedom most often on days like Community Sundays, or when Stephen and I are praying together, or when a friend and I have moments of vulnerability. We are called to run alongside each other into the freedom of Christ. When we do this, we are the Church.

When I make a new friend, and we are able to celebrate the things the Lord is doing around us, we are the Church.

When Stephen and I sit together on the porch trying to figure out what God is trying to do through us, we are the Church.

When I sit in a row of chairs on Sunday with my family, and we sing praise together, we are the Church.

When a friend and I cry together, seeking victory in a place of defeat, we are the Church. 

When we are brave, vulnerable, and open to the Spirit’s leading, we will do incredible things, because we are the Church.


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