The past several weeks I have been struck over and over by how broken our world is. My heart breaks in the face of the perversion of the good things our Father has gifted us. We have been redeemed by Christ, yet everything continues to break down around us. So here I am, starting a new series. Let’s call it “Redemption.” I don’t know right now what all I will cover – this could very well be an extended series. Especially right now I anticipate posting about death, love, church, and I’m really hoping to bring in a few guest writers for different topics.

When the idea of redemption was first placed on my heart, I knew it was closely tied to the idea of reconciliation, but I was fuzzy about what distinguishes the two. I asked Stephen to have a conversation about it with me, and I started to do some research. If you want to do some yourself, Google is really helpful! You’ll find everything from the literal meanings of the words, to audio sermons on the topics, to written Bible studies. Check out the Bible too, as it is the direct source of our knowledge of these concepts in the context of our faith. I’ll post links to some good sources and references at the bottom of this post.

Here is the summary of what I’ve found:

Redemption is what happened when Christ died on the cross. He bought our debt with His blood.

Reconciliation is the action that occurs because of this. The restoring of broken relationships.

The ultimate reconciliation occurs between us and God, through Christ’s blood. However, when we broke our relationship with God, we also broke the relationships between us and all good things that He gave us. Since we have been redeemed, we can do the work of reconciliation.

Though what I am really talking about in this series is participating in reconciliation, the act is inspired and made possible only by redemption. 

This is why I’m using “Redemption” as the series title. We need to remember we have been redeemed, and how incredible this idea is, before we can even dream about participating in reconciliation.

Remember to check back here to see where this series takes us! Please comment, or send a message on the Facebook page if you have questions, suggestions, or ideas!

Helpful links:

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