Spiritual Giggles!

Tonight I was filled with absolute, God-given, thankful joy. There’s been someone on my heart, who I’ve been praying hard and often for, not even sure why. Tonight I saw God touch them. I held them and pleaded with Him to speak to them, to love them wherever they were at, and to give me wisdom.

An hour or so later, I was suddenly filled with the most wonderful peace. I knew that He had heard my prayers, and that He was at work. I’m an emotionally expressive person (read: I cry and use dramatic hand gestures), and I found myself expressing thankfulness and joy in ways that I can’t remember having done before. I had the spiritual giggles! (Crying and laughing all at once gets kind of ugly, just for the heads up).

God hears you. He really does. And even if you’re not sure why He has placed someone on your heart, hold them up in relentless prayer and just be there to love them. He knows their hearts more than you ever could, and knows how much you love them. And one day, you’ll see His glory, and His timing, and know His peace.

And just maybe, you’ll get the spiritual giggles too 🙂


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