Questions, Comments and Concerns

I must be a university student… It’s 11:00 pm, and I’ve decided to put the books away and write for a bit before bed.

One of the hardest things for me this week was not having the time or intention to post daily, to process things through written words. I think I’d like to sum up my week now. Not in a “tell you what I did” sort of way, but through thoughts and questions I’m finding myself working through.

1. When is the time to ask hard questions and push a friend, and when is the time to back off, let them, God and time work out doubts and apathy?

2. Don’t be ashamed!! My first 2 days at a giant secular university, I unintentionally made two Christian friends, one who is looking for a church while she’s at school. If  you let God be a part of your conversations, He can use you to reach out to others, even when it’s not necessarily your intention.

3. (following #2) I’ve decided to do my best to be intentional in incorporating God and church into my everyday conversations. I want to be able to open the doors for those I encounter, who are less outgoing, to find a friend who can be an encouragement in their faith.

4.My dayplanner is my new best friend.

5.My mom was speaking with a friend who has never had a relationship with God, but is searching. (Please pray for my parents! God has givens them a great opportunitytowitness as they’ve been forming a friendship with our neighbors, who are on a journey towards Christ) She knows I’m pursing a BSc and asked how I reconcile science with my faith. The first chapter I’m studying in Bio101 deals with the origins of life. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year!

6. (following #4) I’m  not necessarily a literalist in regard to the Creation account. I totally believe God could literally have created everything in seven 24h days, He is that powerful! However, I don’t know that He chose that method. I have no definite opinion. Is this dangerous or helpful when studying modern scientific theories regarding evolution and origins?

7. I am NOT in swimming shape!

8. I’m in process of brainstorming some pieces on the millenial generation and the church. The series will include my testimony/background, why millenials are leaving the church, and why millenials need the church. The ideas will largely be based off of articles I’ll reference from Relevant magazine’s website, but I’m adding my own thoughts and perspective.

9. My first midterm is in 2 weeks. AH!!

10. There are more first year students than there were total students k-12 in my school. My lectures are nearly the size of my highschool!

I’ve definitely missed blogging. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I’ve got more to share! Thanks for being patient with me. If you have any feedback for the questions I’ve posted here, comment or send me a message through the Facebook page. I’m still working through them and would love thoughts and perspectives. Goodnight!


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