I love quotes. I spend the majority of my time on Pinterest looking at quotes (and food…). But lately I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon. So many of the “inspirational” quotes, are trying to encourage people to do whatever it takes to get the life they want. If we take our inspiration from the world, we will cut out people who don’t make us feel better about ourselves, we will remember that there is no “right” way of doing things, just whatever gets us what we want, and we feel good about, and anyone who thinks otherwise can just suck it up!

This makes me so sad. I can be very prone to falling into a self-centered life style. I will put myself first, and do what I need to do, but I know from experience that that sort of life is NOT fulfilling, or godly. Seek God first, seek to help others, be open to His leading in every area of life, and don’t worry, He knows we’re human and won’t get things right the first time. There is a right way of doing things! We have the Bible as our standard of measurement.


2 thoughts on ““Inspiration”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are constantly being bombarded with the phrase “I/You deserve it” and that really encourages our self-centered thoughts. I heard an interesting quote yesterday by a speaker and author:

    KARMA: I get what I deserve
    GRACE: I get what I don’t deserve

    1. I love that! I struggle with the concept of grace sometimes, just because it’s soooo not what the world preaches! Yet I would be nobody without it.

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